Journal Entry 35

Journal Entry 35

I think most of Bear Country is still asleep even though it is almost noon. The festival was a great success. I had a wonderful time. I ate too much and stayed out too late. I watched Bear Country defeat the Dirt Bike Knights in a game of flag football. It was so very funny. Neither team had very athletic players. I think we won by accident. The Dirt Bike Knights have asked for a rematch next weekend. It should be an interesting game.


Sheriff Pete spent a couple of hours in the dunk your favorite deputy and sheriff booth. Casey was the local fortune teller. She had a long line of people leading up to her tent. Lisa and her band spent most of the day singing. I think Matt and Jonas spent most of the day making-out with their girlfriends or any lonely girl they came across. Mostly Jonas, Matt was only making out with Hemy. The Library Trio had people oooohing and aaaahing at their science experiments. It’s actually kind of fun watching a volcano explode. I didn’t see much of Tony or Runt until the evening hours. They said they had a good time.

When the sun went down the bands began to play slower romantic music. People began to slow dance on the football field. It was interesting to watch. Sometimes the oddest looking couples hook up. I think I watched people dance for a couple of hours before Tony asked me to dance. It was a nice dance, unexpected. I never really realized how good he smells up close.


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