Journal Entry 47

Journal Entry 47

It was a lovely day. Tony and I went around Bear Country trying to gather information from the different tribes about the raids on the Spurs’ cattle.  No one seemed to know much or weren’t interested in giving any information for what ever reason.  I haven’t been able to come up with any reason why someone would want to give the spurs trouble.  Maybe it is just someone being stupid and causing trouble just because they can.

The walk with Tony was nice. I thanked him again for his help with Aleece the other night.  I tried to fish for information about his past. I only know that we used to attend school together back before life here in Bear country changed. He used to date a cheerleader. We had classes together but we really didn’t know each other.  Tony actually didn’t arrive here in Bear Country until long after we had the Bear Tribe established. It was a great day when we learned he was very good at fixing things. We had so many things broken. He fixed everything. He even got the showers to work.  I didn’t find out much about his past except that his parents were the first to die in his neighborhood. He misses his parents as much as I miss mine.


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