Journal Entry 61

Journal Entry 61

Lisa moved out of my room and went back to her own place.  She ignored me most of the day.  When I finally cornered her in the admin hallway I told her it was alright. I don’t think either one of us was expecting Casey to be gone this long. Lisa apologized but she said she had her own life to lead.  Aleece and I are doing fine. I know I keep mentioning Casey’s absence but I am certain she will be home soon.

Joshua came by to see me. He was in a much better mood. At least he was in a good mood until he saw Emily. He went all crazy the moment he saw her. His short temper is starting to affect our friendship. He started yelling at her and wanted to know why she didn’t leave when The Heroes of the Earth Tribe left town.  I felt sorry for her. She stood there nearly in tears.  I told Joshua that I was glad he stopped by but that he needed to go.  I told him not to come back if he was going to continue to throw tantrums every time something happened he didn’t like.  He was going to comment but I put my hand in his face and told him to go. He left.

Emily arrived at Bear Country looking for sanctuary, asylum, and help to escaped from The Heroes of the Earth Tribe.  I let her stay.  She arrived with nothing but the clothes on her back. I moved her into one of the open rooms on the second floor near the science department.  She is also near one of the restrooms which can come in handy if you want any hot water to bathe. Emily’s reasons for leaving the Heroes of the Earth Tribe are her own. She didn’t say why she left.  She is free to stay in Bear Country.


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