Journal Entry 69

Journal Entry 69

I haven’t seen this journal in two days.  The rain stopped and the other tribes went home.  The storm caused a lot of damage around Bear Country.  Trees have been blown over and buildings are missing roofs, a few buildings have been totally demolished.  Our school favored very well except for the water that came in thru the front doors.  Matt and Hemy said their school building also survived the storm with minimal damage.  People have gone back to doing what ever it is they normally do.

I had a scare today. I lay down to take a nap while Aleece was napping. When I woke up she wasn’t in her cradle. It was a little unnerving until I realized that Lisa or Emily probably had her.  I went to get a drink and ran into Lisa. I asked her if she had Aleece. She said no. Ok, Emily probably has her. I looked everywhere for Emily. No one had seen her or Aleece.  My heart began to race.  They weren’t inside Bear Country. I went to the plaza. Maybe Emily took Aleece on a walk. I couldn’t find her at the plaza and no one there claimed to have seen her either. I went to the park. No Emily or Aleece.  I ran back to Bear Country.  The first person I saw was Pete. I was in a panic. I said that Emily and Aleece are missing.  He probably thought I was insane. That’s when Emily walked up behind me with Aleece in her arms.  I lost control and started yelling at her for taking Aleece without my permission. I said a lot of other things I wish I could take back as well.  I snatched Aleece back and went to my room.  I’ve been here all after noon.  I hope Casey comes back soon.  Motherhood is warping my brain.


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