March 30

Journal Entry 90

Journal Entry 90

I’ve locked myself in my room. The day began ordinarily. Aleece and I woke up early. We ate breakfast and then I read Aleece a little bit of Winnie the Pooh. I was feeling happy and alive.  I decided to share my happiness. We went down to the basement to see Tony and asked if he and Runt wanted to go to the Park.  Tony declined our invitation. He said that today was the day Runt was going to begin his lessons on reading and writing. Runt didn’t look too happy about the idea. He was sitting at a table in the corner sulking and mumbling how learning to read was dumb and a waste of time.  I assured Runt that it was not a waste of time.  Reading and writing would some day keep someone from taking advantage of him.  Tony said that if Runt finished with his lessons they would meet us at the park later.  I could work with that. Aleece and I trotted happily to the Park.

Aleece and I walked around the lake, looked at the ducks and watched my dog chase squirrels. No one was under the big Oak tree so I spread out a blanket. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a slight breeze. I was getting ready to give Aleece her midmorning bottle when I heard Runt yelling my name. My first thought was that somehow Tony had gotten hurt.  I stood up and yelled back at him “What’s wrong?  From halfway across the park, Runt yells back that Casey is home.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly.  Then panic struck. Casey is home!  I have to give Aleece back!  Runt finally reached the oak tree.  I tried to sound excited about her coming home.  I asked Runt to run back to Bear Country and tell everyone that I would be back in a little while. I needed to make a quick stop and pick up some formula.  I didn’t have anymore in my room.

My heart was beating out of my chest and my mind was racing.  I had to figure out what to do and I only had a few moments to come up with a plan.  It took me a little more than an hour to return to Bear Country.  Casey and Tony met me at the front door of the school.  Casey looked a little sad when she saw that I didn’t have Aleece.  Casey and Tony both asked simultaneously “Where is Aleece?”  My good day had turned into a bad day.  I looked at Casey and calmly said that she was at a friend’s place. Tony grabbed me by the arm and asked “What Friend?” I didn’t answer. I left the both of them standing there and went straight up to my room. I can’t tell them where she is.  I won’t give Aleece back over to the woman that abandoned her.


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