April 27

Journal Entry 117

Journal Entry 117

I am trying really hard not to interfere. I keep trying to tell myself that their family life is none of my business. Casey and Alexander have set up house down the hall. I guess I should be thankful they are not moving away. Alexander seems nice but I keep thinking about his brother Xavier. In the couple of days I have known Alexander he has been nothing but a perfect gentleman.  I have watched him treat Casey with respect and he has been very caring towards Aleece.  Xavier was evil and he was a thorn in this community.  I am not certain I totally trust Alexander. I realize that Alexander and Xavier are two different people. They have two different personalities but they are brothers.  Could they really be total opposites?

Jonas and Lisa went to town to participate in a rally against the Black Cobras. It started out peacefully but ended in a large fight. Jonas and Lisa both came back to Bear Country with cuts and scraps. Lisa said Hess and the Blue Monarchs were there. Picketing, protesting and loudly voicing their opinions. I’m not surprised. Hess probably planned the entire rally. I wish I had gone. I wanted to talk to her again.  I had hoped Hess would have stopped by Bear Country by now.  Another rally is scheduled for tomorrow. I plan to go.


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