Journal Entry 144

Journal Entry 144

My sanity is sometimes questionable. I have been known to occasionally question the sanity of others. I sometimes wonder if any of us are truly sane. The oddest thing happened today. I was sitting outside on the steps of the school discussing security issues with Sheriff Pete and General Yates. A group of Black Cobras walked up Lafayette Blvd. carrying a white flag.  It was one of those eyebrow-lifting moments. It almost looked as if they were surrendering.

Sheriff Pete, Yates and I jumped up off the steps and met the Cobras at the curb. This is where the sanity issue comes into play.  The Cobras actually asked us to give them Hess. If they had to spend the last two nights in Bear Country with her screaming and yelling vulgarity they would have rethought that request. The Cobras should have seen last night’s shower fiasco. Hess purposely soiled her bed. We had to untie her and put her in the showers. There is almost nothing worse than wrestling with a naked Blue Monarch suffering from withdrawal. I must be insane because sane people wouldn’t submit themselves to this type of insanity.

Bear Country is probably currently one of the safest places to be. There are soldiers from Fort Shasta all over the place and they have guns. The Spurs Fort is probably the next safest. Almost everyone there also carries a gun. This is why seeing the Black Cobras walk up Lafayette Blvd. carrying a white flag and demanding we give them Hess makes me think the Cobras are insane.

The population of Bear Country has increased by two. We took two of the Black Cobras captive. You should have seen the expression on their faces when Yates soldiers refused to let them leave. The third Cobra was sent back home with our reply and our demands. (Note to self: Capturing Black Cobras is easier if they come to you.)


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