June 8

Journal Entry 158

Journal Entry 158

Everyone living inside Bear Country survived that winter. Many of the other tribes living around Bear Country weren’t so lucky. I saw more than one dead frozen soul on the streets that winter. Each time I saw a dead body I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen to my friends. We were going to survive no matter what I had to do.

By the time Tony and I climbed out of the basement it was already mid morning. Tony went to town and I went to check on Yates. General Yates and his soldiers were putting the captured Black Cobras into trucks, preparing to take them away so that they couldn’t cause anymore trouble. Yates wanted to know where I had been all morning. He had stopped by my room around 7am to see if I wanted to join him for breakfast but I wasn’t there.  I came up with some excuse about waking up early and going for a walk to clear my head.

Joshua from the Spurs Tribe dropped by to give me a hug and to congratulate General Yates and his soldiers on defeating Cain and the Black Cobras.  General Yates said thank you but said we shouldn’t get too excited. He said that most likely there were still people out there producing Bliss and distributing it in the community.  Yates had a good point. Totally getting rid of Bliss in the community is probably never going to happen. Joshua invited everyone in Bear Country, General Yates and his soldiers out to the Spurs Fort for a party. He said it would help with morale. We accepted.


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