Bear Country HS – A Meeting of the Minds

A Senior meeting was held this morning to discuss the Central Bobcats and our stolen fuel. Things got a little loud and heated between Matt and Madie.

“Thanks, for coming!” Madie said, as she welcomed everyone into the room. “I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I only have one thing on the agenda today. As you know, the Central Bobcats have stolen our winter fuel. We need to replace it. I am looking for volunteers. I need three or four people to travel to Wolf Valley.”

Matt jumps up on a table and interrupts. “Why travel all the way to Wolf Valley? We know where the fuel is!” Matt raised his fist into the air. “Let’s take back what’s ours!”

Jonas in support of his brother encourages everyone to chant, “Fight, Fight, FIGHT!”

“Wait, Stop, Quiet!” Madie yelled attempting to quiet the room. “Who hasn’t seen what the Bobcats did to Tony? He’s one of our best fighters. The bobcats almost turned him into hamburger. I get it, your angry. I’m angry… but your idiots if you think we could win against the Bobcats”.

Madie took a deep breath. “I know everyone wants to pummel Central and take back our fuel. However, we are not strong enough.

Marty spoke up, ” Wolf Valley is nearly 8 miles from here. longer if we travel around Red Hyena territory instead of going thru it.

Madie jumped onto of the table with Matt. “Look, I know it’s pain and the journey isn’t without risk. If it was any other gang besides the Bobcats, I would say let’s fight and take back what is ours!”

“I think we should fight them!” Matt said in reply.

Madie stepped closer to Matt and looked him in the eye, “If we fight them, one or more of us will die. Do you wish to die Matthew?”

“Why don’t we vote on it,” Cecelia yelled from the back of the room.

” Yes, why don’t we vote on it? Madeline.” Matt said in return.

Madie stepped away from Matt and thru her hands up, “fine, we’ll vote on it. Everyone who wants to fight the Central Bobcats to the death raise your hand.”

Matt, Jonas and a few others raised their hands into the air. JT counted and wrote the number 6 on the black board.

Madie smiled and cleared her throat, “All those in favor of making a trip to Wolf Valley raise your hands.”

Madie looked at the sea of hands and smirked at Matt, “Looks like I’m gonna need those volunteers.

Irritated with the vote, Matt, Jonas and a few others storm out of the room.




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