Bear Country HS – No sleep for our leader

Wearing his oversized combat boots, the Runt stomped up and down the 2A hall singing, “Madie,.. Madie,.. Madie!” The boy is odd….. or something.

“Madie!….I”M HUNGRY!” he yelled as he banged on Madie’s door.

“Go eat a potato!” Madie yelled, “I’m not your MOTHER!”

“But I don’t like potatoes!” he responded. “I WANT EGGS!”

The Runt was not a favorite around Bear Country. He annoyed a great many people. Tony catered to the boy’s every need and treated the gutter-rat as if he were a helpless toddler. Unfortunately, Tony was in bed recovering from a horrible beating by the Central Bobcats. He was in no condition to take care of the boy.

Madie flung open her door and leaned into the boy’s face. “I DON”T CARE! Gutter-Rats don’t get to be choosy, especially ones that enjoy disturbing my sleep. No go away and leave me alone!” Madie gave the boy a stern look before adding, “Disturb me again and YOU DIE!” Madie pushed the boy to the floor. “Go AWAY!”

Before Madie could reenter her room she hears, “Good Morning , Sunshine.” It was Kincaid.

Kincaid and his posse kept the lawlessness around Bear Country to a minimum, a difficult task considering the chaos the world was in.

Madie glanced at the clock on the wall above the water fountain. “Afternoon, Kincaid. How you been?”

“I’m well. Sounds like you are off to a cheerful start.”

Madie rolled her eyes, “Better arrest me now because I’m gonna kill that boy someday. What brings you to our humble school?”

“JT stopped by the jail, said you had some unwanted visitors.”

“It was the Bobcats.” Madie sighed. “They beat up Tony and stole our winter fuel.”

“I heard. Stay away from Xavier and his goons. Don’t confront. Don’t retaliate. Tell your gang, my posse and I will take care of Xavier and his goons.”

Madie rubbed her tired eyes and ran her fingers thru her tangled hair. “I have already told my people to stay away from Central. I’m sending people to Wolf Valley to replace our fuel.”

Kincaid adjusted his hat, ” Sounds like a plan. Let me know if you have any more problems.”

Not persuaded by Madie’s threat of death, the Runt returned with four eggs he stole from the farmers market. “If you cook these, I’ll share.”

Madie sighed. “Why not, I haven’t eaten an egg in weeks.



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