A gutter-rat adventure

Dressed in over-sized clothes, Sam was the Queen of the gutter-rats. The girl could locate, find and steal anything. The price for her services was considered reasonable by many of the local gangs. She helped her close friends for free.

“Shhhh!, Sam raised a finger to her mouth. “Stay behind me and don’t make a sound.”

Are you sure this is a good idea? The serpents will kill us if they find us in here.” The Runt asked as his eyes darted from one side of the rubble to the other. He had only been inside the mall plaza once before and things didn’t end well for his two traveling companions.

“Do you want medicine for Tony or not?” Sam inquired as she squeezed between the rubble.

“Yes…. Are you sure there isn’t a safer place to steal from?”

“God, you are such a baby!” Sam said as she rolled her eyes.

“I’m not a baby!” The Runt said in protest.

“Shhh! Be quiet. If I die today, I swear, I will haunt you til you die!”

The Runt followed Sam as closely and quietly as he could. He tried to remember the direction they were traveling thru the corridors of the dilapidated building, in case he needed to make a hurried escape.

The pharmacist dealt in hard to find drugs and other deadly concoctions. Most of the drugs he dispensed were to junkies looking for an escape from their sad lives. Sam knew the Pharmacist also had a supply of expired antibiotics. She also knew where he kept them….. but first she needed a diversion.

The Runt coughed over and over again as they exited the building. “I can’t believe you started a fire in there. We could have died!”

Sam rolled her eyes as she tossed the Runt a bag of pills. “Your welcome. … I hate to steal and run but I have somewhere else to be.”

The Runt tucked the bag of pills into his shirt. “Sam wait! Thanks for helping me!”

“No problem….hey, meet me at the park at sundown. I know where there is a candy stash. ”

The Runt waved goodbye and ran toward his hidden bike behind the dumpster. He didn’t notice Xavier’s goons until it was too late….

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