Bear Country HS – It doesn’t look good for Tony

Marty removed the stethoscope from his ears, “His heart is weak. There is nothing more the girls and I can do for him; we’ll do our best to keep Tony comfortable.”

Madie understood the situation was dire but she wasn’t about to give up on her best friend and let him die. She leaned over to kiss Tony on the forehead before firmly stating to Marty, “I don’t care what it costs this gang; I don’t care who you bribe or what you have to steal. Don’t let him die!”

Tony was dying; he would most likely die within the next day or so. Not wanting to partake in an emotional discussion with Madie, Marty simply replied,, “The girls and I have a connection in town, we might be able to come up with something useful.”

Madie picked up her diary off the crate next to Tony’s cot, “I’m going to get some sleep. It’s been a long night. If anything changes wake me.”

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