Sleep, not happening

I keep dreaming of home and my mom’s cooking, unfortunately, someone keeps waking me before I can take a bite of food.

Wearing his oversized combat boots, the Runt clomped up and down the 2A hall singing my name. “Madie..Madie..Madie.”

I grabbed my blanket and pulled it up over my head. I had been up late taking care of Tony. One more hour of sleep was all I needed.

“MADIE…I’M HUNGRY!” the boy yelled as he banged on my door with his fist. There are a couple dozen teenagers hanging around. Why do the little ones keep pestering me?

 “Go eat a POTATO!”  I yelled from the comfort of my bed “I’m not your MOTHER!”

“But I don’t like potatoes!”

I climbed out of bed, flung open my door and leaned into the boy’s face. “I don’t care! Gutter-rats don’t get to be choosy; especially ones that enjoy disturbing my sleep. Now go away and leave me alone!” I gave the boy a stern look before adding, “Disturb me again and you die!” 

Before I could close the door I hear a familiar voice say “Morning, Sunshine.” It was Andre. He is a good honest man. Andre and his Posse do their best to keep the lawlessness on this side of town to a minimum, a task that is extremely difficult considering the circumstances.

“Morning Andre, How you been?”

“I’m well. You’re off to a cheerful start.”

I rolled my eyes and motioned for Andre to come in. “Yep, a great morning! I’m gonna kill that kid someday. Maybe, a few others also. What brings you here?

Andre stepped into the room and sat on the edge of one of my desk. “JT stopped by my jail, said you guys had some unwanted visitors.”

 “It was Central. I hate those people and everything they stand for. They beat up Tony and took most of our oil!”

“I heard. Stay away from Xavier and his goons. Don’t confront. Don’t retaliate. They are too big and too dangerous.”

I rubbed my eyes in frustration and ran my hands through my tangled hair. “I know I’m holding a meeting later to discuss the issue with the rest of the kids.”

Andre stood up and gave me a much-needed hug. “Well, I’ll get outta your way.” he said as he patted me on my back.

Andre walked toward the door. “Madie, if you don’t mind I’d like to visit Tony.”

“Sure, we put him in room 240 at the end of the hall. He looks bad.”

Andre walked out the door and then turned back around. “Madie, tell the kids, my Posse and I will take care of this.”

The Central goons are a powerful force. I hate their kind. I waved goodbye to Andre as random thoughts of killing Xavier flooded through my brain.