Diary Entry 1

Life is full of crossroads and forks in the road. Whichever road you choose to take will determine your fate in life. Sometimes there are obstacles or bumps in the road that requires a change of direction. Other times, the road gives you a choice. You can continue to go straight or you can choose to change directions. I think, I read that somewhere or something similar to that. I made a choice to change directions. I’m thinking I should have stayed straight.

I was resting when our convoy came to a sudden stop. Yates told me to stay put as he jumped out of the truck. He ordered a couple of his soldiers to run to the front of the convoy and find out what was happening. I have never been good at waiting and I hate being told what to do. I prefer to give the orders. I stayed put for about three seconds and then I jumped out of the truck. Yates gave me the “I told you to stay put look.” and in return I gave him the “I’m just stretching my legs look.” It only took the soldiers a couple of moments to figure out what the problems were at the front of the convoy. Someone had dug a ditch across the entire width of the road. There was no way to get across and we couldn’t drive around it because both sides of the road sloped down a hillside. Yates started giving orders. His soldiers were going to have to build a bridge to get us across. This was going to take a little while so I started to get back in the truck. I vaguely remember the dart hitting me and seeing a couple of soldiers fall. I think I remember hearing gun fire and someone yell to take cover. I don’t know where everyone went. I think fate hates me.

Madie’s Bear Tribe Journals, Year 2

Madie’s Bear Tribe Journals

Year 2

Journal Entry 164

Please excuse the crooked writing of this journal entry. It’s hard to write in a truck that consistently hits every pothole in the road. It was a lovely meal. Yates and I had a nice talk at dinner last night. He had a list of things we were going to do when we returned to Fort Shasta. It all sounded so wonderful. I made up my mind that I was going with him. I need stability and a life not so complicated. I can have that at Fort Shasta with Yates. There will be no more worrying about enemies taking over my home. I look forward to not having to make difficult complicated decisions of survival.

I packed my things and let my friends know I was leaving everyone except Tony. He was nowhere to be found. I wish I could have talked to him one more time. I left a letter on his bed in the basement. My heart hurts because I didn’t get to say goodbye to him. I hate saying goodbyes but it would have been nice if I could have said goodbye to his face and given him a hug.

I left a note with Lisa to give to Casey in case she returns to Bear Country with Aleece. Pete promised me they would elect a new tribe leader in a few days. I suggested he run for the position.

I think one of my longest goodbyes was to Joshua of the Spurs. He is a wonderful leader and a great friend. I have not known Joshua very long but he was always there when I needed to talk. He gave Yates and me a bottle of wine to take on our journey and wished us luck and happiness. I promised him I would send the occasional letter to let him know what I was doing. He said he would write in return.