The adventures of Runt and Sam Pt. 1

Dressed in over-sized clothes she found slash stole, Sam was the Queen of gutter-rats. The girl could locate, find and steal anything. The price for her services were reasonable considering the danger of her profession. Her friends, she sometimes helped for free. On this day she was helping the Runt.

“Ssshhh!! “ Sam raised a finger to her mouth. “Stay behind me and don’t make any noise.”

The Runt’s eyes darted from side to side. “Are you sure this is a good idea? The Serpents will kill us if they find us in here.”

Sam looked back at Runt as she squeezed thru the rubble.“Do you want medicine for Tony or not?”

“Yes… Are you sure there isn’t a safer place to steal from?”

Sam rolled her eyes, “Nope, this is it. Now quit being a baby!”

“I’m not a baby!” Runt said in protest.

Sam glared at the runt. “Be quiet! I swear, If I die today, I’m comin back to haunt you.”

Journal Entry 6

Dear World,

We moved Tony from the basement up to the admin hallway. It is easier to keep an eye on him up here instead of in the basement. He is not doing well. He isn’t holding any food down but we are trying to get him to drink sips of water. I have known people who have died from dehydration. Honestly, I have know people to die with less injuries.

Marty, Gretchen and Cecelia are researching how to help him. With any luck they will find a solution we can accomplish with the resources we have available. The kids are taking turns sitting with Tony and keeping him comfortable.


Journal Entry 5

Dear World

I went to the market plaza in search of new shoes today. The pair I own are falling apart at the seams. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pair comfortable shoes in better condition than the ones I am wearing. There is a bigger market a day away but I don’t want to travel the distance for shoes. While shopping, I overheard people discussing Central and their wicked ways. The goons of Central are causing trouble all over town. No one is happy. Many feels helpless and deeply worried. I feel their pain. Central stole our fuel and there wasn’t a dang thing we could do about it.


Journal Entry 4

Dear World,

I dreamt about being home again last night. I swear I could almost feel and smell the clean sheets. It felt like a weekend. On of those mornings, when you had a great night sleep: a familial smells wakes you. My mom was in the kitchen making her famous biscuits. I miss those biscuits. I miss the strawberry jam. I don’t know what woke me from my dream but it was a let down when I realized it wasn’t real.


Journal Entry 3

Dear World,

I have decided to send some of my people to Wolf Valley to barter for fuel. Matt and Jonas suggested we storm Central and take back the fuel that was stolen. This wasn’t an option because one or more of us would have died in the attempt. Matt wasn’t happy I disagreed with his suggestion. He stormed out of the meeting. I truly understand his frustration. The trip to Wolf Valley is not without hazards but it is the safer of the two option.

Pete is going to increase the number of people on security patrols during the night hours. Hopefully, Central with not cause anymore trouble.