Journal Entry 24

Dear World,

I consider everyone living in this school my family.

It’s easy to distinguish one local group from another. Your clothing, your hair and your tattoos let everyone know your  affiliation.

Many people in Bear Country have Bear Tattoos. The tattoo gives everyone a feeling of pride and unity. My bear tattoo is on my shoulder.

In the beginning, the school pavilion was a blank space with a couple of tables and a few chairs. As the years passed, the area evolved into a sacred chapel, a place of inspiration. The children covered the walls and pylons with pictures, banners and posters. It’s not unusual to find someone sitting alone in the center of the pavilion praying or meditating by candle light.

As I waited for my friends to arrive for our meeting this evening. I walked around. So many memories came flooding. We have had good times here.


Journal Entry 23

Dear World,

I met with our allies and shared the information I received from Matt. The atmosphere in this meeting was calmer than the previous one. People are super anxious. We shared strategy ideas. How do we get rid of Xavier and his goons? What would be the most effective means of attack? How? When? If people wanted to walk away from Central instead of fighting do we let them leave?

Everyone agreed the Central Leader was not someone we wanted in our community. The longer he stayed in town the stronger he was going to get. He is almost too strong now.

We have all decided to band together in a show of force. A lot of violence is expected and people were given the opportunity to back out of the conflict if they found the risk to great. No one withdrew. I will send a runner to inform Matt on how we plan to proceed.


Journal Entry 22

Dear World,

Last night was horrible, I couldn’t shut my mind off. I got out of bed around 5am. Sleep wasn’t happening, so I walked down to the kitchen for coffee and ran into Tony. We sat at a table, had a nice talk and drank a cup of coffee. Tony didn’t sleep well either. He is terribly worried about the boy.

I don’t like that Matt is inside the Central campus. Only two more hours until our rendezvous. I am anxious to hear what Matt has to say. The information Matt is sharing with us, I will in turn share with our allies. Hopefully, we can make a workable plan to get rid of Xavier and his goons.

Central was once a really nice place. Normal people lived there but now it is a bunch of people that enjoy taking advantage of others. It’s sad really!


Journal Entry 21

Dear World,

We received a messages from Matt today. I have never been so happy to receive a note. I was getting so worried.

The message was short. It simply said, “I’m fine. The Runt is here. Not everyone is happy with Xavier. Meet me at the corner of 5th and LaFayette at 0900 tomorrow… Matt”

Tony was glad to hear about the Runt. He wants to go and get the boy. I think I have convinced him to wait… Starting a ruckus to free one boy would make our plans more complicated.

I will be taking Jonas and Pete with me in the morning to the rendezvous.


A Day at the Central Campus

Only the strongest survived the day-to-day existence at Central. The weak and the dead were tossed out with the garbage. Xavier demanded obedience and absolute loyalty. Don’t hesitate, if a command is given. Hesitation will get you demoted. A demotion means less comfort, less food and forced participation in the fights.

It had been a good day for Xavier’s Goons. A dozen people had been plucked from the streets. Each would be given the opportunity to pledge their loyalty to Xavier. There was always one or two that refused. They would be the first to be thrown into the cage.

The captive audience cheered, as the newly acquired were paraded around the perimeter of the gym. Xavier sat on his thrown feeling very pleased with himself, as his power over the local community continued to grow.