Journal Entry 7

Dear World,

The Runt is missing. We couldn’t find him anywhere this morning. I knew something was wrong when he didn’t come bother me for breakfast.

I had a talked with the boy last night about how Tony needed more than medicine if he was going to survive. I tried to explain that medicine just wasn’t available on the market. He kept insisting we weren’t doing enough to save Tony.

Lisa took over sitting with Tony around 4am. She said the Runt was upset Tony might die and left in a hurry.

If I had thought medicine was available, I would have been the first to go and find it. The pharmacies were emptied out long ago. People sometime sell medicine at the plaza but I wouldn’t haggle, barter or trade for any of their poisons. I have heard rumors of people dying slow horrible deaths after ingesting one of the cures.

Matt and Jonas volunteered to go and look for the boy. I would have gone but I have things that need my attention here.


The Adventures of Runt and Sam Pt. 2

The Runt coughed over and over again as they exited the building. “I can’t believe you started a fire in there. We could’ve both died!!”

Sam rolled her eyes as she tossed Runt the bag of pills. “You’re welcome…I hate to steal and run but I’ve got somewhere else to be.”

The Runt tucked the pills into his shirt. “Sam wait! Thanks for helping me.”

“No problem, I hope your friend gets better! If you want, meet me at the park at sundown. I heard about a party.”

The Runt waved goodbye to Sam and ran toward his bike he had hidden behind a dumpster.

The Central leader enjoyed watching cage fights. Unfortunately, his supply of fighters was diminishing, more stock was needed. He sent out a few men to capture more resources. The boy was a bit small but he would be adequate for the warm up rounds.

The adventures of Runt and Sam Pt. 1

Dressed in over-sized clothes she found slash stole, Sam was the Queen of gutter-rats. The girl could locate, find and steal anything. The price for her services were reasonable considering the danger of her profession. Her friends, she sometimes helped for free. On this day she was helping the Runt.

“Ssshhh!! “ Sam raised a finger to her mouth. “Stay behind me and don’t make any noise.”

The Runt’s eyes darted from side to side. “Are you sure this is a good idea? The Serpents will kill us if they find us in here.”

Sam looked back at Runt as she squeezed thru the rubble.“Do you want medicine for Tony or not?”

“Yes… Are you sure there isn’t a safer place to steal from?”

Sam rolled her eyes, “Nope, this is it. Now quit being a baby!”

“I’m not a baby!” Runt said in protest.

Sam glared at the runt. “Be quiet! I swear, If I die today, I’m comin back to haunt you.”

Journal Entry 1

Dear World,

After a month long search, I finally found a new journal to write in. I found it at the plaza. I paid a hefty price but I desperately needed something to write my thoughts in.

Not a lot to tell, except that things have been quiet for weeks. I am a little bored. Everyone is off doing their own thing. I was hoping maybe I could get someone to play a game of cards, spades perhaps. Its a fun game but no one was interested in playing. I even asked the library trio, Mary, Gretchen and Cecilia. all they do is sit in the media center and read books. I was hoping they could use a diversion from all the books they read. They weren’t interested in playing cards. Marty said they were doing research on an unnamed subject. Apparently, the subject wouldn’t interest me, so they decided I didn’t need to know the details. They quickly, escorted me from the media center and then locked the door.