Journal Enry 143

It was a long night as expected. Hess is still making a fuss, although she was actually quiet for a couple of hours. Pete’s deputies have been taking turns keeping an eye on her just in case she escapes from the restraints holding her to the bed. I dropped by to check on her progress and had to leave shortly afterwards. She has a mouth like a sailor. I tried to be good and not spit profanity back at her but I failed. I feel sorry for her and it is very difficult to see her this way but I can’t help think that she should have known better than to try Bliss. I thought she had more common sense than that. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised half the population currently uses Bliss.

I ran into Tony at breakfast. Victor had bad dreams all night long and now refuses to come out of the basement. I’m not surprised if someone had tied me to a post and threatened to light me on fire, I’d probably have bad dreams too. If fact, I do have bad dreams on occasion. My life after the virus has not been easy. I have a lot of bad memories I wish I could forget. We’ll save those stories for another time.

The library trio came back with information on how to safely help Hess with her addiction. Time, friendship and understanding are currently our only options. We’ll see. She is going to beat this or she won’t. I hope she calms down soon. People are starting to get irritable. Several people have moved to the other side of the building to get away from the screaming and profanity she seems to think is necessary. I even heard a couple people suggest we hand her over to the Black Cobras. They were suffering from lack of sleep, I think.

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