Journal Entry 107

I hate it when days go badly. Today was awful. The people of Bear Country have had their share of arguments. I’m wondering if a full moon is expected tonight or sometime within the next day or two. I had an argument with Casey. I think everyone in Bear Country heard us yelling at each other. I didn’t even realize how loud our discussion had become until we started to draw a crowd. People already think I have gone over the deep end. My credibility as a tribe leader is dwindling fast.

I heard Jonas and Lisa having a dispute as I was passing thru the theater to the green house to get some bell peppers. They were standing in the balcony seats. Lisa was yelling at Jonas to mind his business. Jonas was trying to get her to listen to reason. They quit yelling when the theater door slammed shut behind me. I passed thru to the other side as quickly as possible. I have my own problems and didn’t want to get involved in theirs.

Pete and one of his deputies found a couple of the younger children; including Victor buying “Bliss” behind the cafeteria. I am thinking that the drug dealer selling the “Bliss” is going to think twice before coming around Bear Country again. Providing Pete and his deputies let him out of jail anytime soon. Pete put Victor and his little friends in jail for a couple of hours to teach them a lesson.

Tony was furious when he heard Victor was trying to buy “Bliss”. I have seen Tony angry. It’s not very pretty. He was past angry today. I kind of felt sorry for Victor. Tony said tomorrow he is taking Victor to the center of town to show them what happens to people when they get hooked on drugs. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone. Victor is grounded to the basement until further notice. I don’t think parole is in the near future.

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