Journal Entry 111

I saw an old friend today. I haven’t seen her in ages. I wasn’t even sure if she was still around. I thought maybe she moved on to some place new. Apparently not, because when I went to town with Pete and Jonas, there she was standing on the top of an old broken down car protesting against the use of “Bliss”. A little deja vu. The last time I saw her standing on a car was during the mail war.

Hess is a very unique individual and the leader of the Blue Monarchs. She has a considerable amount of passion especially about causes she finds important. I have never been one to stand up on a box top and voice my opinion. Not in public anyway. In my own tribe I voice my own opinion and in tribal meetings I have been known to speak my mind. Hess is a little different. She is fearless. Hess takes on the world regardless of the danger. She lets the whole world know her opinion. I have seen Hess draw lines in the sand and dare ignorance to step over. I have a lot of respect for that.

The crowd watching Hess was a mixed crowd. There were a few hecklers but for the most part it was a peaceful protest. It stayed peaceful until a couple of Black Cobras dropped by the protest to cause trouble. They weren’t happy she was standing on top of that car protesting against their livelihood. From within the crowd the Black Cobras started throwing things at Hess. I saw a metal pole barely miss hitting Hess in the head. The crowd reacted quickly. Pete was standing next to one of the Black Cobras. I was standing next to Pete. Pete put the black cobra on the ground before he knew what was happening. The other cobra was also subdued by the crowd. There was a brief moment of uncertainty when I thought a large fight was going to develop. The Cobras were sent away with their tails between their legs. The crowd quieted down and Hess finished with her speech.

It was good to see her again. Pete, Jonas and I invited Hess back to Bear Country for dinner. She said she was a little busy but that she would stop by sometime soon when she had a little free time.

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