Journal Entry 112

I spent most of the morning pacing around Bear Country waiting for Casey’s return. I had just about given up hope when Pete sent one of the smaller children up to my room to let me know that Casey was back and that she had a friend. Pete and a couple of his deputies were keeping them both at the front entrance. I found this a little odd and I was confused. Why wouldn’t Pete let Casey in? I picked up Aleece from her cradle and went to the front of Bear Country.

I stood at the top of the stairs in utter disbelief. What was Casey thinking? Why would she bring him back here after everything he did in the past? She had to be insane. I leapt down the stairs. The first thing out of my mouth was “I want him out of Bear Country now!!” I was up in Casey face in a flash. “What the hell are you thinking? I can’t believe you deserted your baby to retrieve this piece of garbage.”

I said a few other things before taking a deep breath to continue with my madness. Casey grabbed the opportunity of my pause and simply said he wasn’t Xavier. Picture the room suddenly quiet. Then I laughed and handed Aleece to one of the deputies and asked him to take her up to my room. I remember thinking, Casey thinks I’m stupid. Before I had the chance to continue Casey said she could prove he’s not Xavier.

I had Pete and his deputies lock Casey and her friend in one of the supply closets. Then I sent a runner to retrieve Hemy from the Central Campus. It was more than an hour before Hemy and Matt arrived at Bear Country. In the mean time I was down stairs in the basement talking to Tony. He just sat there and listened to me rant and rave about Casey trying to make a fool out of me.

Pete opened the supply closet and the first thing out of Hemy’s mouth was “Alexander, how have you been?” Hemy looked at me and said with a smile “This is the good twin.” I had my doubts but after a few minutes of Hemy and Casey assuring me that this person standing in front of me was not Xavier but in fact his brother Alexander I had to relent and let them out of the closet.

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