Journal Entry 115

Scat (Victor) sits in jail. He isn’t talking to anyone especially not Tony. I dropped by to bring him some breakfast this morning. The boy is stubborn. He wouldn’t even look at me. He just stared at the corner, pretended I wasn’t there. His dinner from last night was still untouched. I feel sorry for him but I can’t help think that Tony is only doing what he thinks is best.

The Bear Country grape vine is one of the quickest ways to pass information from one person to another. The jail was actually a pretty busy place today. Victor can’t complain about not getting visitors. I imagine just about everyone in Bear Country knows he is in lockup. Several of the younger children stopped by. Pete had his deputies frisk everyone to make sure they didn’t have any “Bliss” on them.

The library trio, Marty, Gretchen and Cecelia stopped by. They offered to discuss peer pressure and the downfalls of using drugs with Victor but he wasn’t interested. Marty said they had thought about bringing a few books on the subject but then it occurred to the three of them that Victor doesn’t know how to read. I think the not knowing how to read comment hit a nerve with Victor because he tossed his glass of water at the bars drenching the three of them. Cecelia and Gretchen offered a few words of encouragement and said that they would be back in a few days to check on his progress.

Joshua from the Spurs tribe also stopped by the jail. He was actually at the jail to see me and not Victor. Joshua wanted to know if I had thought of any solutions on how to get rid of the “bliss” troubles in town. I told him I had no idea about what to do about the problem but if he had any solutions I would gladly listen. He had no solutions but suggested that we call another tribal meeting. I don’t think it would help but I said I would make the arrangements. I hope he doesn’t expect a big turn out because I don’t think we are going to get one.

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