Journal Entry 118

I was so exhausted by the time I made it back to my room I couldn’t bring myself to write in my journal. It was an interesting day yesterday. Interesting is probably not the best word to use but at the moment I can’t think of anything else. I woke up early so that I could attend the rally that I heard was going to happen. I was hoping to talk to Hess before things got too wild and crazy. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Hess wasn’t anywhere to be found. I saw several Blue Monarchs. I even spoke to a few of them but they weren’t giving up any information on how I could locate Hess. They kept saying she would be here. It was frustrating.

The Black Cobras are increasing in numbers and their hold on the people in town is increasing. Several buildings in town had signs on the doors announcing change of management. This is not a good thing. I was walking thru town and saw someone wearing a Black Cobra patch . At first I thought it was just someone’s way of advertising they were allies with the Black Cobras, then I noticed several people were wearing them. After a little research, I discovered that you have to have a patch to enter a building under Black Cobra management.

The rally did not go well. It turned violent pretty quickly. A group of Black Cobra guards surrounded us and demanded the rally be stopped. We objected and the fight began. Most people attending the rally did not bring weapons the Cobras were all armed. It wasn’t a fair fight. I have an enormous bruise on my left arm where I was hit with a stick. My arm is not broken but at first I thought it was. I couldn’t fight after that. More Black Cobras arrived and their leader stopped the fight. We were all asked to go home or be taken into custody. Except for a few most of us went home.

After the rally, I went to the jail to see Tony and Pete. I was hoping they could help me with my arm. To my surprise the jail had been taken over by the Black Cobras. Tony was nowhere to be found and Pete was locked up in one of the cells with a couple of his deputies. Victor was not in a cell but he seemed to be very comfortable talking to the new jailers. He has gone over to the other side. I asked for Pete’s release. My request was denied but I begged and pleaded. After a couple of hours of kissing Black Cobra butt (i.e. making coffee, refilling cups, sweeping, taking out the garbage and washing windows) Pete was released from his jail cell. I wouldn’t normally have gone thru the trouble but Pete is a very valuable member of Bear Country.

We went home to Bear Country.

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