Journal Entry 119

Life in and around Bear Country continues to get more complicated. Life is spinning out of control and I don’t know how to stop the madness.

Tony is not in a good mood. He is terribly upset. Tony went to the far side of town to pick up some needed parts for his project in the basement. His journey took most of the day. On his way back to Bear Country he stopped by the jail to check on Victor. When he arrived at the jail he discovered it had been taken over by Black Cobras. Victor was dressed as a Black Cobra and he refused to return to Bear Country.

Matt and Hemy dropped by Bear Country. They were not happy. There is no longer a straight walk from the Central Campus to Bear Country. Matt and Hemy had to take the long way around, across the park and thru the arroyo. Luckily, the arroyo was empty. Their walk would have been even longer if the arroyo was filled with water. Hemy said several of the local businesses and smaller tribes on her end of Lafayette Blvd have been taken over by the Black Cobras including her favorite grocery store. The Black Cobras have even put up barriers blocking off access to several parts of town. Access is granted only if you are wearing the Black Cobra patch.

Something has to be done I am not going down without a fight.

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