Journal Entry 12

Dear World,

Tony is angry with me. I don’t think I have ever seen him so mad.

I was updating the bulletin board in the admin hallway when Tony stepped up behind me. He asked if I had seen the Runt.

I knew in that moment, I had messed up. I had forgot to mention, to my good friend, the boy he was raising as his own had disappeared and we couldn’t find him.

To be fair, Tony was on death’s door when we discovered the boy wasn’t in Bear Country. Mentioning the boy’s absence would not have been beneficial to Tony’s recovery.

I did the responsible thing. I sent Matt and Jonas out in search for the Runt. They spent two full days looking for the boy. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find him.

My mistake was not telling Tony after he started feeling better. I was distracted with other things. I am sorry.


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