Journal Entry 120

I woke this morning to find a note slipped under my door. I almost didn’t see it. Lost was sleeping on top of it. The note simply said if I am interested in attending a meeting with Hess drop the blue monarch into the mail slot at 2318 Houghton St. A tiny note at the bottom of the page said further information will be revealed later. I ventured out to drop my monarch into the mail slot and then went back home to Bear Country. I guess now it’s a waiting game. I have never been good at waiting. Someone should have told Hess that this sort of thing stresses me out. I haven’t told anyone about the note. I’m not sure if I should but I have been tempted. I desperately wanted to tell Tony when I saw him this morning.

I think Tony has given up on Scat (Victor). He didn’t even mention him once at breakfast. When I asked Tony what he had planned for the day he simply said he was going to work on his project in the basement.

The library trio has been up and about today. I passed by them as they were heading out the front door. Marty said they were going out to clean up the town by removing Bliss and Black Cobra trash posted everywhere. I cautioned them to be careful. The Black cobras don’t have a sense of humor and they take it personally when you step on their tails. Gretchen and Cecilia promised me they would be careful. They wouldn’t let Marty take any unnecessary chances. I sure hope so.

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