Journal Entry 122

I hate days like today, everyone crying and saying goodbye. It has been a very sad morning. Several tribe members have left Bear Country to find a safer place to live away from the Black Cobras. I hate saying goodbye. I hate seeing my friends leave. Casey and Alexander have also decided to leave Bear Country. This makes my heart hurt. They will be leaving in a few days. Casey is giving me a little time to say goodbye to Aleece. Sometimes we all have to make really hard decisions. I wish Casey didn’t have to make this one. Bear Country is her home. Little Aleece was born just down the hall. The Black Cobras have ruined a perfectly good community.

Pete and Jonas spent the day in town making life difficult for the Black Cobras. Everything went well and they made it home safely. Things have not gone well for a couple of the other tribes. The Black Cobras have filled the jail and started retaliating against tribes caught interrupting the flow of Bliss into the community. A couple of people have been beaten and put on display.

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