Journal Entry 123

Usually when I dream it’s a bunch of random events mixed up into a complicated mess that makes absolutely no sense. I had the most disturbing dream last night. Before my parents died, before the virus I went to a lake with a group of friends from my school. I went after my parents told me I couldn’t go because it was too dangerous. (The year before a student was seriously injured. We ignored the off-limits sign.) Swinging out on the rope and jumping into the water was a rite of passage. If you swung out far enough you would miss the branches and roots. I lied to my parents and went to the lake. We had a great day. No one was hurt. Our day was a success. So, we thought. We all jumped except for Sally. She couldn’t get up the nerve to swing out on the rope. Several of the kids started calling her chicken and four eyed freak and a few other hateful names. She left crying. I forgot about her until the next day when the news said she was missing. The search for Sally lasted more than a week. She was found floating in the lake by another group of kids attempting to make the jump. I never told my parents I had been to the lake and made the jump.

In my dream, it was the same situation only the person not wanting to jump was Scat (Victor). The lake was filled with large roots. No sane person would jump. I kept trying to convince Victor that he didn’t have to jump. He finally jumped only in my dream when he made the jump we were standing on top of a building. I woke up before I saw Victor hit the ground.

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