Journal Entry 124

The Black Cobras continue to make life hell on the Central Campus side of Lafayette BLVD. I guess I should be thankful that they are not more interested in Bear Country. Matt and Hemy have given up trying to keep Central out of Cobra hands. Matt and Hemy and several remaining tribe members from the Central Campus have moved into Bear Country.

Joshua made an offer that I almost could not refuse. He has suggested that Bear Country merge with the Spurs. If I weren’t so determined to keep Bear Country out of Black Cobra hands, I would take him up on his offer. I am keeping my options open. I hope this doesn’t become necessary.

Joshua and the Spurs are not immune to Black Cobra troubles. The Black Cobras made an attempt to take over the Spurs Fort. In the early morning hours, a band of Black Cobras attacked Joshua’s tribe. It was a mistake. Joshua and his tribe are well armed and well trained. The Cobras will definitely think twice before attempting to do that again.

Many of the local tribes continue to fight off the Black Cobras including Bear Country. It is difficult and many of the smaller tribes have fallen and failed at their attempts to keep the Cobras from taking over. The Black Cobras continue to increase in numbers, mostly because the smaller tribes don’t have the power to fight. The alternative is jail, death or abandoning their home.

I have sent Pete and Jonas on a mission for help. If everything goes well, they should return within a week, hopefully with reinforcements.

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