Journal Entry 125

I said goodbye to Aleece, Casey and Alexander this morning. It was hard not to cry when they left. I am keeping my fingers crossed that their journey is a safe one. Casey said she would send a letter as soon as they are settled. Alexander promised to keep them safe. I wish they didn’t have to leave but I understand the need to keep Aleece safe and out of harm’s way. I will miss Aleece very much. For a while she was mine and in that short time, I grew very attached.

The violence in town continues to escalate. I tried to go to town to simply pick up some needed supplies and barely escaped trouble. I ducked behind a corner as the Cobras chase some little kid down the street. I thought of intervening but my arm is still recovering from the blow I received at the rally. I have to pick my battles and that particular battle didn’t look very favorable. The Black Cobras are everywhere and many of them have terrible attitudes. Many Black Cobras walk around as if they were God. Not showing the proper respect can result in broken bones or worse. Keeping a low profile is essential these days.

Our attacks against the Black Cobras continue although out of plain site. Random fires have been springing up all over town against Cobra assets. Retaliation from the Black Cobras has been cruel and gruesome. I am not sure if our efforts are making any difference at all. I have been trying to get a message to Hess of the Blue Monarchs but she is nowhere to be found. She is keeping a low profile or she has left town. Today, I am not sure which.

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