Journal Entry 126

It was an early morning for Tony and I. I think we left Bear Country around 4 am. There are less people up at that hour. It makes sabotaging the Black Cobras easier. Not necessarily safer but easier. Tony and I were making considerable progress when we unexpectedly came across a group of Black Cobras tormenting a couple of Blue Monarchs. The Blue Monarchs were being teased, shoved and slapped around. Tony and I were just getting ready to intervene and stop the madness when we noticed one of the Cobras was Victor. The two of us dove behind a couple of burning barrels. I had to stop Tony from jumping out at Victor and ringing his scrawny little neck.

The Cobras are the scum of the earth. They beat people up for fun. This is not something new. Tony was pissed. He said a few words I rather not repeat. I don’t think he was pissed because the Cobras were beating up Blue Monarchs. I think Tony was pissed because Victor was one of them. I was pissed Victor was one of them. It is sad to say but I wish we had not taken in the little runt. We gave him food and shelter. He would have starved to death if it had not been for Tony.

We couldn’t intervene and save the Blue Monarchs from their tormentors. Victor would have recognized us and led the Black Cobras back to Bear Country. It was difficult but we chose to sneak away and let the Blue Monarchs attempt to escape from the Cobras on their own.

Tony didn’t say anything all the way back home but I could tell he was angry and disappointed. I feel bad for him. I don’t know what to say to make things better.

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