Journal Entry 127

I’ve been sitting at my desk, staring out the window. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside but you couldn’t tell it by the mood inside of Bear Country. The mood in here is extremely depressing. Almost no one is venturing out of their rooms. The people I have seen are walking around without saying much of anything to anyone. The younger children are usually running up and down the halls. I haven’t seen any of them today.

Tony has locked himself inside the basement. He won’t let me in. I asked Tony if he wanted to join me for breakfast. I volunteered to make pancakes or anything he wanted to eat. He turned me down. I went back at lunch to see if he wanted to go to the arcade. He said no again and asked me to go away. I walked away but only after making a couple more attempts at gaining entrance.

Hemy and the Central Bobcats are attempting to make themselves at home inside Bear Country. They have taken up residence in the empty classrooms in the west wing of the school. They mostly keep to themselves. I think they are still recovering from having to leave their home. Hemy is handling things much better than I would. I would be a crazy woman if I had to give up my home. Matt is doing his best to make the transition as easy as possible and he has finally moved out of his room in the admin hallway. I was beginning to think he was never going to give up that room. Today he moved all of his stuff in with Hemy in the west wing.

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