Journal Entry 128

I couldn’t spend one more moment cooped up inside Bear Country. I wasn’t in the mood to tear down Black Cobra posters or throw manure at unsuspecting Cobras from the rooftops. No one wanted to go to town anyway. Tony is still locked in the basement. He won’t talk to me or let me in. It sounds like he is building something in there. I could hear banging and clanging coming from inside the room as I stood outside the door.

Out of desperation for companionship I walked out to the Spurs Fort to spend the day with Joshua. I kept my fingers crossed the whole walk there and I prayed he wasn’t too busy to spend a little time with me. I needed someone to talk to.

Joshua was busy but he let me help out with whatever task he was working on.

I worked hard most of the day. I’m going to be sore in the morning. I can already feel my muscles protesting about the day’s unexpected workout. I usually try to avoid physical labor but today it felt good. Sleeping tonight shouldn’t be a problem. Joshua is letting me sleep in one of the newly built bunk houses and he promised me a grand breakfast in the morning.

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