Journal Entry 129

My stay out at the Spurs Fort was very peaceful and relaxing. I even slept well in the bunkhouse. Joshua woke me up around 7 am with pancakes and a cup of coffee. It was so very sweet. I left for home after breakfast. Joshua tried to get me to stay and he made the offer again for Bear Country to merge with the Spurs. I declined but I was tempted to say yes. I can’t make that kind of decision on my own. Everyone in Bear Country would have to agree for that to happen.

Joshua offered to walk me home. It was a nice thought but I really wanted to be alone at that particular moment. The walk home was quiet for the most part. I really should try to avoid the center of town. It’s hard to avoid the Black Cobras there. I ran into Victor and a couple of his friends. I would have taken another route if I had known I was going to step into his path. It wasn’t a bad encounter, a little teasing nothing I couldn’t handle. I think Victor was trying to impress his new friends. I tried to be calm and not combative. I asked Victor if he has plans to return to Bear Country any time soon. He didn’t answer. He just walked away.

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