Journal Entry 130

Today was not a good day to go to town. I woke up early and went to town to see if I could barter for candles. I found the candles but while I was away in town trying to avoid Black Cobras in the street, Bear Country had guests. Marty, Gretchen and Cecelia said they were leaving the media center when Victor arrived with a dozen of his Black Cobra Friends. Victor led them straight to our food stores.

An attempt was made to stop the Cobras from taking our food but most of Bear Country was out for the day. Victor and his friends took practically everything that was in the kitchen. The little runt needs to pray I don’t run into him when he is alone.

Tony has actually left the basement. I just wish I knew where he was at this moment. Tony spent the day in town putting up posters protesting against the Black Cobras. When he returned to Bear Country, he went straight to the kitchen for something to eat. Tony was a little upset when he discovered everything was gone. He was more upset when I told him who took our food. I hope Victor is wearing his fast shoes.

Pete and Jonas have been gone for several days. I am keeping my fingers crossed they have already arrived at their destination.

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