Journal Entry 131

I was discussing the Black Cobra issues with Matt and Hemy when Tony came through the front doors of Bear Country. He didn’t look as if he had been in a battle so I assumed he hadn’t located Victor. I was getting ready to ask Tony if he had enjoyed his walk when Matt spoke up and asked if Scat (Victor) was road kill. Tony thought for a moment before answering. He said he had initially run out to catch Victor and bring him back to Bear Country but after walking around town for a couple of hours he decided it wasn’t worth the effort. If Victor wanted to be a part of the Black Cobras, he could accept the consequences. I was getting ready to agree when in stumbled Victor through the front doors. He looked awful. He was bleeding and bruised. My first thought was that a tribe that didn’t agree with the Cobra’s way of thinking caught him. The four of us, Matt, Hemy, Tony and I stood there staring at him. Do we help? Do we pretend he isn’t there? Do we kick him back to the curb? Victor was practically in tears. I hate it when people cry. He stretched out a bleeding arm and asked for help. I turned to look at Tony and ask him to help me get Scat upstairs. Tony shook his head “no” and walked away toward the basement. I turned to Matt and asked for his help. Victor is a little twit and probably not worth the effort (definitely not worth the effort) but at that moment I couldn’t kick him out of Bear Country. Matt and Hemy helped me get Victor upstairs.

Hemy helped me clean out and bandage Victor’s wounds. I know it’s mean but we weren’t trying to be gentle. I caused as much discomfort as possible. Call it pay back for Victor’s treacherous deeds. Victor sat through the whole thing trying not to cry or say ouch!

Victor thought he was joining an elite group of the Black Cobras. He spent the last week performing task to prove he was worthy. It was just a Cobra game. After helping the Cobras steal our food Victor was told he was too young to join the elite group. Victor received his injuries after he realized he had been tricked and attacked one of the older boys.

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