Journal Entry 133

After bandaging Victor’s wounds, we put him in one of the empty rooms down the hall to recover. I would have sent him down to the basement to his own room but Tony doesn’t want him there. Victor hasn’t stepped one foot out of that room for more than a day. He is still alive. I checked in on him a couple of times. He has to be hungry. The offerings of food from the garden the agriculture club is raising remained untouched. I think he feels guilty about his actions. He should feel guilty. What he did was wrong. The Black Cobras are our worst enemies since the Hulk was in power.

Sometimes life gets really complicated. I hate hard decisions. After I returned from the meeting with Hess, I ran into Tony in the admin hallway. He said Victor had to go. If I hadn’t been thinking the exact same thing, I would have thought Tony wanted Victor out of Bear Country to get back at the little Cobra want to be. Tony was making perfect sense. I couldn’t think of one good reason why we should let Victor stay, except for maybe his age. Bear Country is at war with the Black Cobras and having Victor among us compromises our mission.

We are holding a meeting in an hour to tell Victor he has to leave Bear Country.

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