Journal Entry 135

Matt, Hemy, Tony, Lisa and I went traveling thru town looking for Black Cobras to abduct. I felt like we were mice in a maze. It seems like every time we turned a corner we would run into a blockade. The only people allowed thru the blockade were those wearing Black Cobra patches. Matt and Hemy suggested we all get patches. It would make our travel thru town easier and less time consuming. I was totally against that. I was not going to wear one of those patches and be associated with being a follower of the Black Cobras. We all ducked behind a building and debated the issue. After several minutes of a semi loud discussion I agreed this once to wear the patch. I was not wearing it on a daily basis and it comes off as soon as we were on the edge of town. The five of us walked up to a Cobra Barricade. We joyfully asked for a patch.

Getting the patch wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We all had to agree to have our pictures taken, finger prints and sign a document that said we agreed to the rules and laws set forth by the Black Cobras. I almost backed out. I did not want to sign on the line. I felt as if I was betraying Bear Country. I could tell the others were having the same thoughts. Traveling thru town was easier with the patch. The Black Cobras just waved you thru the barricades. Which could partly explain why so many people had them.

The patch didn’t solve our other issue. Even if we caught a Black Cobra, how were we suppose to get him or her to the Blue Monarchs holding area for disposal.

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