Journal Entry 136

Yesterday was a long and tiring day. Matt, Hemy, Tony, Lisa and I went hunting for Black Cobras. We didn’t catch any. Actually, we didn’t make much of an effort because even if we did capture a Cobra while in the middle of town, we wouldn’t have been able to get him out without being seen. There were entirely too many blockades to get thru. I think catching Black Cobras should be reserved for those Cobras traveling on the edge of town or those near Bear Country. Bear Country has not given up on its fight with the Cobras our efforts to undermine their hold on our town continues in many other ways.

I was exhausted and my feet hurt by the time we got back to Bear Country. Tony and I grabbed something to eat. He was in the mood to talk. I don’t think I actually comprehended half of what he was saying during the meal. Afterward, I went up to my room in the admin hallway and went to bed.

Around 8 am this morning one of Pete’s deputies interrupted my perfectly good sleep by knocking on my door. The Black Cobras were on our front lawn. They were trying to place signs on our campus claiming Bear Country was under new management. Yesterday I made a regrettable decision. Signing those documents to get patches to gain easier access to areas blocked off in town was a mistake in judgment. I should have followed my gut feelings.

I think I was the last person to know the Black Cobras were in Bear Country. (See what happens when I sleep in.) Almost everyone residing in Bear Country was already outside. Hemy, Tony and a couple of Pete’s deputies were holding back the Cobras trying to keep them from entering Bear Country. Matt was actually fighting with one of the Black Cobras on the front lawn. Matt looked like he was winning. I was getting ready to break up the fight when I heard trucks coming up the street. It was General Yates and a group of his soldiers from Ft Shasta. The army had arrived. I have never been so glad to see someone. The Cobras didn’t hang around but the leader of the little gang trying to gain access to Bear Country said they would be back. I don’t doubt they’ll try.

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