Journal Entry 137

Pete and Jonas have returned home safely and in time to save the day. I think I worried the entire time they were gone. The walk toward Fort Shasta led right thru Alexandria City and Mathias’ slave trade. Security has not been the same since Pete left. His deputies did a good job but I feel safer when Pete is here. Matt was glad to see his brother again. He never mentioned Jonas being gone but you could tell on his return that Matt missed him. Hugs and High fives were everywhere.

I felt tremendous relief when I saw Yates jump off the truck. If anyone could help solve the Black Cobra and Bliss problem it was Yates and his soldiers. I could have avoided this entire Black Cobra issue if I had stayed with Yates at Fort Shasta. I was so very close to giving up everything here.

Yates had his soldiers park their trucks around Bear Country and he posted guards. I am hoping to have a tribal meeting. I sent a runner to get Joshua. I also sent a runner to try and get a hold of Hess and the Blue Monarchs. If she can be found I don’t think she will attend the meeting but I thought it would be politically correct to invite her. She is very allusive and has her own agenda.

Information travels fast. It wasn’t long before tribes from the surrounding area were checking out Yates soldiers and the trucks, he brought to Bear Country.

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