Journal Entry 139

I didn’t go to bed until late. I was up talking with Yates, Tony, Hemy, Matt and Pete. We sat in the cafeteria, discussed the Black Cobras and ate cinnamon buns until way after midnight. Hemy stumbled across the cinnamon buns at a roadside stand and traded a rechargeable battery for them. They were so good. I haven’t had a cinnamon bun in years.

I slept so well after I crawled into my bed. I think it’s because General Yates and his soldiers were sleeping out on my front lawn. I offered to let them sleep in the gymnasium but Yates said they would be more comfortable sleeping outside underneath the stars. With actual soldiers standing guard around Bear Country my worries of a Black Cobra invasion have been eliminated. At least for the moment.

By the time I woke Yates and his soldiers had already put in a full day’s work. Yates sent some of his men out on a mission to gather information. They were returning by the time I finished with my breakfast. Joshua arrived shortly after that. He apologized for not being able to attend a meeting yesterday but there had been trouble out at the Spurs Fort.

Joshua hasn’t had a lot of difficulty or problems out at the Spurs Fort unless you count the cattle raiders that were a significant problem when they first moved to Bear Country. Most of the local tribes look at the Spurs as an asset to the community. To my surprise the difficulties yesterday involved the Blue Monarchs. A couple of Joshua’s tribe members were on security rounds and discovered two dead Monarchs sitting against their south wall. It looked as if they had overdosed on Bliss.

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