Journal Entry 140

When I was younger, I admired Hess and her undying dedication to a cause. I think I liked her because she always seemed to have a level head and she preached peace. During the mail war one of the slogans that was preached daily was “Tribes helping Tribes to survive”. When the mail war ended Hess was inspirational in getting the tribes to work together. Hess dropped out of site soon after that. I was glad to hear she had returned when the difficulties with the Black Cobras began. I was certain she could help solve the problem.

Yates and I were sitting in the back of one of the trucks working out the final details of our plan against the Black Cobras when one the members from the Spurs tribe came running up the sidewalk. He was frantic and calling my name over and over again. Yates and I jumped out of the truck just about the time a couple of soldiers tackled him to the ground.

I’m not sure when Hess lost her mind but it was obvious, she was not working with a full deck by the time we made it to the field. Hess looked as if she hadn’t slept in days. Her hair and clothes were a mess. She was acting like a crazy woman. Three Black Cobras were hooded and tied to post. The area smelled like gasoline. The field was filled with people from several of the local tribes. Joshua was already there. He was doing his best to keep Hess from lighting the fire. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that Victor (Scat) was one of the Black Cobras tied to the post.

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