Journal Entry 147

I remember my mom and dad saying that using vulgarity was a waste of time. It served no useful purpose except to prove to others that you have not learned the skills necessary to communicate properly. That maybe so but…as I was standing on the curb reading the demands of the Black Cobras and staring at that poor girl those were the only words that came to mind. I seem to use a lot of dirty words lately.

General Yates wanted to send several of his soldiers into Bear Country High School to retrieve the Black Cobras and Hess. He was ready to hand them over. I objected. I wanted to think things thru. Pete and Yates both looked at me as if I was crazy. Pete pointed out the highlights of the note. Time was a critical issue and we didn’t have any. One hour, release Cobras and turn over Hess or girl goes boom! Yates asked one of his soldiers to check out the explosives to make sure they were probably real. They looked real enough and they didn’t look as if we could remove them safely. At that point in time none of use was willing to take the chance they weren’t real. The girl was hysterical; she didn’t want to blow up. Time was ticking.

We watched the Black Cobras, Hess and the girl with the explosives walk back down the street. The girl needed help walking. Her legs were so wobbly. I didn’t even ask her name. Hess wasn’t happy about going. She put up a fuss. The Cobras insisted she stay tied. I have a feeling I have sent her to her death.

The countdown begins. Only 23 hours until we are expected to hand over Bear Country to the Black Cobras.

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