Journal Entry 148

I have some incredible friends. We held a tribe meeting and everyone agreed handing over Bear Country to the Black Cobras isn’t an option. We will not give up our home without a fight. Without General Yates and his soldiers none of what we are about to do would have been possible.

We have only a short amount of time to prepare. The sooner we make our move the better. We are trying to catch the Black Cobras off guard and unprepared. I am certain the Cobras will be expecting a fight. I wish we had more time. Victor has been a great help. I think he is trying to make amends. Pete, a couple of his deputies and a couple of Yates’s soldiers went to gather information about the warehouse where Victor is certain the prisoners are being held. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Victor knows what he is talking about. As soon as Pete returns, we will be able to make our final plans.

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