Journal Entry 149

We have all been awake for more than 24 hours. I have a horrible headache and I am sure my adrenalin level is probably off the scale. Sneaking up to the warehouse at 3 am and capturing the Black Cobras was actually quite simple. Too simple when I think about it now. We stormed the warehouse and disarmed the guards with almost no effort at all. I remember thinking “That was so easy. I don’t know what we were worried about.” We all started jumping up and down and praising ourselves for our accomplishment. The prisoners were all glad to see us. They had been in the warehouse for almost two days without food and water. I hugged and kissed Yates and thanked him for all of his help. I was starting to feel better about getting our community back to the way it was before Bliss and the Black Cobras ruined everything. It didn’t hit me that something was wrong until I heard the doors slam shut. Everyone let out a gasp and then the room went quiet. We were caught off guard. We had walked into a trap.

I heard clapping and someone from the loft say “Well done.”

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