Journal Entry 15

Dear World,

Today was fresh produce day at the market. I shopped and haggled as Matt and Jonas kept guard over our red wagon and protected our food from the gutter rats. 

 The morning was going well until I stopped to look at a basket of pears. Several Central’s Goons storm into the Market. In a matter of seconds, the orderly crowd turns crazy. Taking advantage of the distraction caused by Central, I drop several pears into my pockets and skipped the haggling. Before I can retreat to safety with the boys, a Dirt Bike Knight  knocks me off my feet. Jonas saves me from being trampled. Unfortunately, I lose the free pears. 

As the Davis brothers attempt to maneuver us to safety, A sneaky gutter-rat reaches into our wagon. He steals one of our cucumbers. Jonas grabs the little thief by the scruff of his collar and retrieves our vegetable.


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