Journal Entry 151

Cain never liked it when people didn’t do what he asked immediately. I knew from firsthand experience that Cain’s temper was short. I felt his fists on more than one occasion. He yelled one more time for General Yates and his soldiers to toss their weapons out the window. To prove he was serious about his threat of blowing the room up he pushed a button and blew up the adjacent storage building. The explosion was so loud I thought we were all getting ready to die. General Yates and his soldiers tossed their guns out the window. I was praying Yates had a plan.

Cain had our attention and to prove he was in charge and to prove he controlled our fates he pushed Hess over the railing. She hit the floor with an awful thud. I couldn’t help but cry. Once the tears started, I couldn’t make them stop. I asked Cain “Why did you do that?” He simply said “Because I can.” Cain’s sidekick seemed to enjoy the display of cruelty. She was jumping around in the loft laughing and clapping.

Cain had his Black Cobras tie Yates, Jonas, Matt, Pete, Joshua and the rest of the boys to poles in the room. The girls and I were led out and marched up the street with Cain and his girlfriend in the lead. We had walked about two blocks when we heard the building we just left blow up. The explosion was so big several of us were knocked off our feet.

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