Journal Entry 152

I was on my knees in the gravel staring back at the burning building. I think I was in shock. Some of my closest and dearest friends were in that building. Cain was dancing around like a fool gloating over his accomplishment. His girlfriend was dancing with him. She stroked his ego by saying he was the best leader ever. She even suggested Cain make himself King.

After a couple more minutes of hero worship and gloating Cain demanded we all get back on our feet. We continued down the road toward the Black Cobra’s tribe building. We had started to draw a crowd. The whole town must have heard the explosions. I hadn’t seen this many people in the streets in a long time. I felt like I was on display. In the back of my mind I was worried about how bad I looked. Would someone write about this day? How was I going to be portrayed on the page? Would they say I was a good leader or a bad one? Some of the people on the street cheered as we passed by. The people cheering were Black Cobras and a few tribe members loyal to the Cobras. A majority of the people just stood there. A few of them looked as if they wanted to help but were afraid to try. I tried to look confident even though I was dying inside.

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