Journal Entry 153

As we reached the Black Cobra tribe building Cain jumped up on the front steps and invited the crowd to join the festivities. His girlfriend was drooling all over him, still making a fuss and telling Cain how great he was. Her continuous talking was making my headache turn into a migraine. I wanted to tell her to shut the (insert dirty word) up.

The girls and I were paraded to the front of the stairs and forced to kneel on our knees facing the crowd. Cain sent a couple of Black Cobras into their tribe building to get the Cobras that were inside so that they could watch our execution. The crowd suddenly went hush. Cain started to give a speech about defeating the enemy. I knew we were getting ready to die so I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else.

I heard a gun go off and Cain stop speaking in mid-sentence. He fell down the stairs and landed beside Hemy and me. I think I was frozen where I was kneeling. The crowd panicked and tried to run. I stayed where I was. Tony reached down and grabbed my arm to help me to my feet. It took me a moment to realize who he was. I hugged his neck and started to cry, again. I thought Tony and the others had died in the explosion. That’s when I noticed General Yates and about 50 of his soldiers surrounding the crowd. Yates looked at me and with a smile said “I told you I had things under control.”

General Yates and his soldiers rounded up all the Black Cobras they could find and burned the Cobras tribe building to the ground.

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