Journal Entry 154

I have given out more hugs in the last two hours than I have given out all year long. I have said it before but I have some good friends. General Yates and his soldiers are outside securing the captured Black Cobras. Yates dropped by a few minutes ago to see how I was doing. He is so sweet. Tony dropped by my room shortly before that and invited me to get something to eat. I asked him to give me a little while. I needed to finish with this journal entry and shower. I’d drop by his room when I was done.

My brain is a little wonky. I am having some serious difficulty forming thoughts in my head. I’ve been trying to write everything down that happened before I forget it. I am so tired. I need to tuck myself into bed. I need to shower first. I stink. I wish I had a bathtub. My stomach is growling. I am not sure when I ate last. Yesterday at breakfast maybe.

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